7 Signs Your Website Needs A Redesign

Written by Maya Bauer
April 4, 2022
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Before we dive in, ask yourself, do you like your current website? Does it function how you want it to? If you already know the answer is ‘no’, you’ve come to the right place. If you still aren’t sure, read on and see if your website needs a redesign or not.

Your website is your 24/7 salesperson. It is one of the most vital advertising tools for your business. It needs to reflect your brand uniquely online. If your website isn’t reaching your customers or is even driving people away, it’s most likely time for a redesign.

In this article, we will go over seven reasons your website needs a redesign.

1. Your website is outdated

The trends in website design are constantly changing. If a website is beginning to look outdated, it can create distrust with your customers. This is because outdated sites can seem unsafe to use or purchase from.

If your website is beginning to look outdated, it’s probably time to redesign. Your website needs to look aesthetically appealing to attract your target market and motivate them to engage with your business online.

For example, responsive web design or mobile-friendly design has been a massive topic over the last few years. Older layout trends will not work on smaller displays, so if your site hasn’t had a significant layout upgrade in the last few years, it may likely be not friendly for mobile users.

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2. There’s not enough high quality content

It’s just as important as how your site looks as the information your visitors find when they get to your website. When you think about it, people go to a website to either find answers or find a product or service they want to purchase. So your content needs to be informative and to the tone of your business.

A website redesign can help you redefine precisely how you connect with your customers. You can consider if what you are saying is on target, compelling and memorable. It is now becoming a standard that you have about 3 seconds to engage the visitor’s attention. If they don’t feel that their answers are on your website, they will likely leave.

3. Your website isn’t responsive

One of the most important things to think about is whether or not your website is responsive. Responsive design means that your website looks and functions well on all devices like tablets, computers, or mobile phones. Your customer’s experience on your website needs to be seamless.

Responsive design is also about making sure that the customer’s experience on your website on different devices is effortless. It needs to be easy for the user to navigate and find what information they want. If they can’t find what they need, or it’s too difficult to use your website, likely, they will not be coming back.

4. Your website takes too long to load

Google found that 53% of mobile visitors will leave your site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. This means you’re losing out on many potential customers if your website takes too long to load.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to speed up your website. Anywhere from upgrading your theme to making sure you aren’t using too many plugins and making sure your photos on your site are compressed.

When you hire a web design agency to redesign your website, they will make sure to do all this and ensure that your website loading time is fast.

Google page speed insights results for ebay

(Source: Google PageSpeed Insights)

5. Your site isn’t getting many visitors

If you feel like your website isn’t getting many visitors, it’s possible that the SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not up to date. SEO is the process of improving your site in a way that helps it rank in Google and get in front of your potential customers. There are lots of different techniques to help with this on your website.

However, it’s important to note that ranking in Google will be more challenging if your site functions or looks outdated. A redesign can help your site be more Google-friendly. Along with your SEO, updates are essential in helping keep your site looking and feeling fresh.

Google likes to rank sites higher when they have fresh content. If your site is stagnant and hasn’t been updated or gotten any new content, Google will not rank your site high.

If you feel like your site lacks in the content department, one of the most reliable methods to drive more traffic is to have a blog. A blog that’s written well, informs your users, and follows specific SEO guidelines can really help increase traffic to your site.

6. Most of your competitors have new websites

It’s true that you should do what’s right for your business and follow your path instead of following what everyone else is doing. However, if your competitors have websites that work and look as well, if not better than yours, you will be at a significant disadvantage.

Redesigning your website can help you stand out from the competition. You can take this time to figure out what advantages your products or services are and highlight that on your website.

7. Small changes are challenging or impossible to make

If you find it difficult or extremely time-consuming to make minor adjustments or updates to your site, like making a post or updating content, it’s probably time for your website needs a redesign. Outdated or ineffective website content management systems (CMS) can make updating a challenge.

With new updates and features on CMS like WordPress, it can be easier and quicker to perform the updates you want to make. If you’re not familiar with these systems, it can be intimidating at first.

There are many resources like YouTube where you can take the time to learn how to use these systems. You can also purchase a monthly maintenance plan from certain web design agencies where they will perform updates to your CMS and content for you.


When considering a redesign for your website, think about why you started your website in the first place. Does my website needs a redesign to help get you on the path you want for your website?

If you are having any issues with the things listed above, you may want to consider a redesign. If you have questions about redesigning your site, or if you want to hire an agency for this redesign project, please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to hear from you and excited to take this redesign journey with you.

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