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A website redesign can be a huge success if handled correctly. A new website is your chance to connect with more customers in a clear, professional, and engaging way. It must build trust and connect with your customer while quickly solving their needs.
Even though your website may “work fine” or be “acceptable”, your business deserves to be represented in the best light possible.

Do you have these issues with your website?

If any of these apply to your website, then it’s time for a redesign

Did your business outgrow your site?


Are you concerned your website isn't secure?


Does your website not reflect your brand?

slow snail

Is your website slow to load?

money above hand

Is your website not generating any leads?

not user

Is your website not user friendly?


Can you not easily update your content?


Is your site not mobile friendly?

Redesign Process

redesigning website

1. Define your website redesign goals

First, you will want to determine the reason for the redesign. Is your site not functioning how you want it to, or is it outdated? Do you want your site to bring in more traffic? It's essential to know the reasons before we design to create a clear plan for success.

2. Competitive analysis

We look through your competitor's websites and identify their strengths and weaknesses. From this, we can get an idea of what strengths we want to highlight on your site and determine what we can do to set you apart from your competition.

3. Design and Wireframe

Now we put together all the research and information we've collected and begin designing. We create wireframes that we go over with you before developing the website.

4. Develop and re-launch your website

Once the site has been developed, we go through a couple rounds of revisions with you. We also test across multiple devices to ensure it's responsive. The final exciting step is the launch. After launch if you want ongoing support, we offer monthly maintenance plans.

redesigning website


No we do not, since wordpress is the most popular and reliable CMS (Content management system). However, we can transfer your website from another platform to WordPress.

When re-designing a site, the cost depends on each individual business’s needs. Do you want the entire website redesigned or just a page or two? What goals are you trying to accomplish with the redesign? These questions all factor into the price which can vary anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000.  If you want a more accurate estimate or are just curious what it will cost, feel free to reach out to us, you can fill out our contact form or give us a call.

The time it takes to redesign a website can depend on:
1. How large the redesign project will be.
2. What goals the client has for the redesign.
3. If the client wants eCommerce integrated into the new website.

Usually, to finish and re-launch the new website it takes Envision Web Creation around 3-14 weeks.

If it’s eCommerce the website re-design can take anywhere from 2-5 months to complete.

Yes! One of our goals is to make you a site that is easy to edit and manage. Of course, if you don’t have time or don’t want to manage your site, we have monthly maintenance plans available.

Your site is launched and that’s really exciting! If you don’t want to manage or edit your website yourself, we offer monthly maintenance plans. You can cancel this plan anytime if you don’t want us to keep caring for your website.

You can submit your information on our contact form and we will reach out to you. Or you can give us a call, we would love to hear from you. Even if you have some questions before starting, please feel free to reach out and ask away.