7 Tips for Crafting Website Copy That Converts

Written by Maya Bauer
January 11, 2023
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There are almost 200 million active websites currently on the internet. With so many websites, you might be wondering how your online content will ever stand a chance. With finely crafted website copy, your content can stand out from the crowd.

When writing website copy, there are certain tips you should keep in mind. But where should you start? Keep reading and learn more about creating website copy that converts below.

1. Use More SEO

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the foundation of all website content. Without it, no one will be able to find your content. This is because Google will rank it very low.

It might even end up on the 20th search result page. This is significant because few people ever bother to click the second page of Google. Using SEO involves using keywords, links, and more.

Keywords focus on a particular theme that you want your content to rank for. If you writing about organic lipstick, for example, make sure you use keywords related to that topic. This will make it easier for Google to rank your content.

It also makes it easier for real people to find your content. The better your SEO score is, the better your content will rank. This is a sure way to get more traffic to your website and get conversions.

Have patience when using SEO. SEO is known to take some time to work, sometimes as long as several months. But when it starts working, it packs a serious punch.

2. Focus on the Benefits

Focusing on the benefits of your content is one of the best website copy writing strategies you can follow. This is because people naturally like to read about positive aspects.

That’s why you should focus on the benefits right away. No matter what you’re writing about, people want to hear about the benefits. Why is this content good for the reader?

Why should the reader care? Writing about the benefits makes your readers more intrigued. If you market your content with powerful benefits, you could easily turn your viewers into hundreds of conversions.

Suppose you have a product you want to market. Listing all of the great things it can do is a good way to enhance your copy. Talking about its advantages is one of the best ways you can sell the product.

Writing about the benefits should be easy too. As long as you know your product inside and out, you shouldn’t run into any problems. With high-quality copy, you can make your readers see the same benefits that you do in your product or service.

The more attractive your product looks, the more sought-after it will be. If you write your copy correctly, you’ll surely have a stream of conversions headed your way.

3. Write for Your Audience

To improve your website copy, think about your target audience. Writing to your target audience will make your content much more relatable and interesting. Suppose your audience mainly consists of middle-aged women.

It only makes sense to write in a way that will relate to these women. It wouldn’t make sense to write in a way that would appeal to teenage boys. Making small adjustments in your writing style to better target your audience can go a long way.

Writing in a particular way will make your audience feel more connected to you. This can lead to more loyalty from your audience. It will make it more likely for your audience to turn into conversions too.

4. Avoid Fluff

Fluff is never good to include in your web copy. Fluff consists of filler words that don’t contribute to your main point. If you fill your web copy with fluff, you, can’t expect to get conversions.

No one wants to read fluff because it is boring and useless. When you cut out the fluff and leave behind the meat of the content, you’ll have much better luck. It will also improve the quality of your content.

Search engines can tell when your content is full of fluff. Google will rank your content lower if it is too fluffy. When you stick to the facts, your content will rank higher because it is of higher quality.

5. Don’t Use Jargon

Jargon includes specific language that ordinary people might not understand. Medical jargon is a common example of this. If an ordinary person reads a peer-reviewed medical paper, that person won’t understand anything the paper is saying because it is so full of technical jargon.

This is also true for industrial terms and terms specific to various industries. It is best to avoid jargon in your web copy. Instead, use simpler words so that your audience can understand.

If your content is full of jargon, your readers will get frustrated and may click away from your content.

6. Better Headlines for Website Copy

You might not think that your headlines add much to your copy, but you would be wrong. Headlines are what catch the attention of your readers. If your headlines are all boring, no one will click on your content.

Your headlines need to be short and catchy. Every successful piece of content on the internet has a short and catchy headline. Learning from examples should help you craft better headlines.

Using emotional words like “shocking” or “amazing” can improve your titles. This makes people want to know what is so shocking or amazing about the content. If you can get people to click on your content via an attractive headline, there is a good chance that they will read most of it.

7. Prioritize Readability

If your content isn’t easy to read, people will click away. Prioritize short sentences and paragraphs. This breaks up the text and makes it easier to read.

It also makes the content flow better so that it is easier on the eyes. Large walls of text strain the eyes and frustrate viewers. It is also hard to keep your points organized without spacing out your content.

Using headers throughout your copy also helps organize your main points. Viewers can stroll to the points they want to read so they don’t waste any time or get frustrated.

If you want to make website copy that converts, make sure to keep these tips in mind.  It can be difficult but it is well worth it to make your business stand out online. If you aren’t sure where to start, we offer blog and website copy writing services. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

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