5 Reasons Your Website Needs Responsive Design

Written by Maya Bauer
March 22, 2022

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Have you ever visited a website on your computer, and then when you look at it on your phone, it looks different? Maybe the format is changed. Or the menu is now an icon like ≡ instead of the standard Menu design. This is called responsive design.

Responsive design makes it easy to access sites on all our different devices. When you switch from your laptop to iPad or phone, the website must automatically accommodate for resolution, picture size, and other formatting capabilities.

If you want more users coming to and staying on your website, it must be responsive. Here are six reasons your website needs a responsive design.

1. Mobile phone use is on the rise

1. Mobile Phone Use is On The Rise

More than 58% of American adults currently own a mobile phone, and almost 60% of all website traffic comes from smartphones. There are now more mobile phones on earth after that there are people. Every month mobile use continues to grow, which means a growing number of consumers and prospects will view your website from a smartphone.

If their experience with your website is poor and not responsive, they have a lower chance of staying on your site, and they’ll be more likely to click out and go check out your rival’s website.

2. Google loves responsive sites

2. Google Loves Responsive Sites

Google’s new algorithm rewards mobile-friendly websites over ones that are not. This means that you will probably have a better chance at ranking if your site is mobile-friendly. And since over 92% of people use Google for their online searches, your site has to be Google friendly if you want anyone coming to your site.

On Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, you can enter your domain URL and check if Google thinks your website is mobile-friendly or not.

3. Provides better user experience

Responsive design on phone

This is undoubtedly one of the best benefits of having a responsive site. Unresponsive design typically makes your site appear dysfunctional or challenging to navigate on devices like mobile and tablets. Whereas desktop visitors might have no problem seeing your site, mobile customers cannot say the same.

Sometimes unresponsive sites can have jumbled text or photos that are too large or small, and users have to scroll through long pages looking for the information they need. This makes it a pain for users to use your site smoothly and most likely will lead to them not coming back to your site.

4. Social media increases mobile visitors

5. Social Media Increases Mobile Visitors.

Over 55% of social media interactions now happen on mobile phones. People share links on social network sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram linked back to your site. This creates lots of web traffic and views for your site from mobile devices.

So if you have a social advertising technique you are using and want to take advantage of the social sharing of web content, make sure your site is responsive.

5. Adapt quickly to any kind of screen size

6. Adapt Quickly To Any Kind Of Screen Dimension.

The final advantage of having a responsive website is its flexibility to adjust to any display dimension. Having responsive design sets you ahead of your competitors because it will look good no matter what screen your users view your site on.

So whether they are using their phone or a 20-inch monitor, your site will come across as clean and in order. With more and more devices coming out, your site must be ready and adaptive so your users can continue to enjoy your site no matter what device they are on.


If this list hasn’t got you to make sure your site is responsive, just think of what it costs your business not to have a responsive design? You could be losing many customers and potentially money for not having your site responsive. It’s time to get on top of this.

If you’re ready to get your site responsive, give us a call or submit an inquiry to see how we can help you. If you have any questions about site responsiveness or anything web design-related, feel free to reach out. Check out our web design page to see the packages we offer. Let’s make your website responsive and get you more leads!

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