Top 6 Logo Trends of 2023

Written by Maya Bauer
June 6, 2022
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The design of your logo is essential when it comes to branding. Your logo is usually the first thing people see to identify your brand or business. This is why it’s crucial to have a logo that makes a good and lasting impression on your current and potential customers.

There have been lots of new logo design styles emerging in recent years. Some trends will come and go, but the essential elements of logo design are here to stay.

As we pass through this new year, more and more businesses are popping up. If you want to compete, you will need a good logo. If you want to get a new logo or update your old one, now is the perfect time to do this. Here’s a list to get you started with the six logo trends of 2022.

1. Minimalist logo

Minimalism has dominated the design field for a few years now. It has overcome past design trends focused on “more is better.” With minimalism, we follow the principle that “less is more.”

This means focusing on crafting each element on a logo for a particular purpose that all together sends a clear message. Each element is lean, making your logo modern and clean.

With a minimalist logo, your company’s message is straightforward to remember. Another benefit of this logo style is that it can be printed on many surfaces without losing quality, unlike more complex logos with depth and multitudes of colors that don’t transfer well to surfaces.

Minimalist logos also have the power to be timeless. You won’t need to be updating your logo every few years.Tesla logo

2. Gradient logo

One of the best examples of this is Instagram’s logo revision in 2016. They changed their logo from a more realistic image into a simple gradient logo design. At first, there was a lot of backlash against this design.

Instagram popularized the gradient logo trend, but it was a rough road. At first, people hated the new logo. But over time, other companies followed Instagram’s lead, and it eventually became a more widely used style for logos.

This style of logo is also quite timeless. Logo artists can slightly tweak the gradient’s colors to keep it modern. This means no more having to redo the entire logo. Your brand’s logo will stay modern and fresh for a long time. It also makes your logo more playful and exciting for your customers.

Some brands use a solid color gradient, such as Apple Music. Others use a multiple color gradient to create a nice transition look, such as Disney Plus and Google.

Instagram logo history

3. Glitch logo

TikTok is one of the leading brands with a glitch logo. The logo has shifting and overlapping colors, which communicate a performative element of the platform. This glitch effect represents TikTok’s user-generated content posted on the app.

The glitch logo is based on television static or misprinted colors, giving your logo a futuristic look. Creating a glitch logo, especially one that moves, makes your logo appear eye-catching and memorable. This can also be especially useful for people doing gaming reviews, live streams, and highlight videos.

tiktok logo

4. Serif logo

The serif logo is sleek and modern and will stand the test of time. The reason people tend to love this type of logo is based on an overall fondness for previous logo trends that have been similar.

A serif font logo is very popular with brands such as Google, Rolex, Jeep, etc. This type of logo design is easier to remember as your logo is also the name of your business or brand.

One of the popular serif logo styles is the fully black-colored logo. Companies such as Dior, Jeep, Burberry, and Coach use it. This style is for businesses looking for a timeless and practical design to represent their company.

black colored logos

5. Handmade logo

Handmade logos are sketches, freeform drawings, or doodled logos. These have become quite popular in recent years. This is for companies that want to have a fun logo that uniquely represents their brand’s personality. Handmade logos are great if your brand is bold, a little quirky, and transparent.

This logo can also help your business connect to its customers by representing something local and recognizable. In the Pacific Norwest, many logos contain mountains or forests because that’s what they are well known for there.

Whatever your business is, try out a handmade logo if you want something more personalized.

Seattle cider company logo

6. Retro logo

A retro logo has an 80’s feel to it. Brands like Burger King use a retro logo to remind their customers that they have been in business for decades. Retro logos can help you build trust between your brand and your customers because it feels familiar to people.

The Retro logo trend adds a unique look to your logo. And in today’s digital world, this logo style will stand out because of its distinct look. Try this logo style out for a different more retro feel.

burger king logo


We hope this article helped you understanding the logo trends of 2022. Nowadays, simplicity and balance are the essentials for a business logo. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it.

Look at different logo styles to determine which bests represent your brand. Using more minimalist style logos will help your brand stay timeless. While more complex designs can become outdated faster.

See what works best for your brand and go with it. You can always slightly tweak it later to give it more modernness. If you need help figuring out what logo style best fits your brand, feel free to reach out to us, we are here to help.

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